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Biomat Belt. 7000mx. 220V.

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Biobelt. 140cm x 12.7cm

The Biobelt was designed to concentrate its work on your "center" or "second brain," your gut. No matter what you call it, its your health in a nutshell. If your gut is healthy, most likely you are healthy. So Richway designed the Bio Belt to focus infrared therapy and negative ion therapy straight into your midsection. Yourr intestines are a breeding ground for the bacteria in your body that fight off disease or the hormones, like serotonin, that regulate your happiness.

The Bio Belt is designed with eight precious stones that all have their purpose in promoting gut health. The Bio Belt is the next generation of cutting edge technology that Richway has inspired.

Health Benefits
There are numerous diseases that begin in the gut due to excess abdominal fat caused by the body's core temperature being too low. Raising the temperature in your gut can help you lose weight, increase beneficial bacteria growth and increase serotonin levels. Increasing serotonin levels increases happiness and promotes good health. Increasing beneficial bacteria prevents disease and helps proper digestion.

Wearing the Bio Belt backwards can help with back pain as well. You can also use it on your arms and legs to alleviate muscle pain.

8 Precious Stones Combine Their Healing Power
Each Bio Belt comes with a pouch full of eight precious stones: Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Quartz, Elvan, Green Jade, Topaz and Tiger Eye. Each of these stones either emit infrared rays or negative ions and help with other health benefits. The Bio Belt uses nature to its fullest to provide a healing experience aimed at your gut health.

Body Temperature and Body Fat
Body fat accumulates in the abdomen because our body temperature is too low. The body fights this low body temperature by creating fat around your center so that your intestines and other organs can operate properly. Our bodies need warm temperatures in order for digestion to occur properly and to produce the bacteria and enzymes our immune system needs to function correctly. Thus, abdominal fat is created to protect our vital organs. So no matter how hard you work out, you will never get rid of that fat. When our gut is warmed, the body no longer needs that fat and APT enzymes are created burning off the excess fat.

Infrared Therapy and Your Immune System
Serotonin is a nuerotransmitter that has been proven to increase levels of happiness in the brain, however 90% of the serotonin in the body rests in the small intestines. The serotonin in the small intestines uses it to boost and regulate immune functions for the entire body. There are over 500 types of bacteria in the intestines, some of which are good, some of which are bad. By warming the gut area, it allows the beneficial bacteria to grow, producing HSP, or Heat Shock Protein, that then boosts the immune system.

Great for Back Pain
The back is the central axis of the body. Many people suffer from back pain. Your whole body is affected when you have back pain. Using the Bio Belt on your back will alleviate that pain, helping your posture.