Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does one need to stay on the parasite program?
A. Some choose to do a 6 week course, others choose to follow the program as indicated in the book “Cure for all Diseases” or “Cure for all Cancers”

Q. How long will a bottle of Tri-Plex last?
A. Following the directions as indicated on the bottle, this is usually a six week supply for one adult.

Q. Do I need to use toothpaste with the Soladey toothbrush?
A. No toothpaste is required, as the negative irons which are produced while brushing, remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth, and they feel like clean porcelain all day long. However if you need to freshen the taste in your mouth, then the teeniest amount of toothpaste is suggested.

Q. Can I order over the phone?
A. Yes, you may order by phone, fax, letter, email or direct from our website and our friendly staff are available to assist you with your order.

Q. When will my order be sent?
A. If we receive it before 1.0pm, it will leave the same day. If posted by ordinary parcel Post, transit time is generally 2-5 working days, depending if you are interstate or in a remote area, but check with Australia Post.
If by Express Post, Capital Cities next working day , provided address is in next day post code area.
Please remember Express Post costs are payable by customer even if order value exceeds $300.

Q. What Credit Cards or payments do you accept?
A. We accept only Visa or Master Card, or you may pay by direct payment to our bank, personal cheque, or money order. We do NOT make credit card charges.

Q. I live overseas from Australia. How do I order?
A. The same methods as above. However, it’s best to ask for a quote as our prices include Australian GST, which doesn’t apply to export orders. As a rough guide, you can divide most (but not all) prices by 1.1 Postage rates are also different.
We accept only Visa or Mastercard for payments from overseas. (No personal cheques unless drawn on an Australian Bank – please allow 5 working days for clearance.)

Q. What is the difference between Vegi capsules and Gelatin Capsules?
A. Vegi Caps are 100% vegetarian, and also certified Kosher. Gelatin Caps are made from animal bi-products.