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"Cellular Radiation - Is This The Next Titanic?"

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Cellular Radiation: Is This The Next Titanic?

by Dr. David James & Dr. Ora James Murphy

Takes a hard look at the potential health risks caused by mobile phone transmissions, WiFi, microwaves, wireless technology – and electrosmog (esmog), a term directly linked to today’s prevalent cell telephony/wireless technology.

While having been widely used throughout esmog-aware Europe, for the last 15 years, the term esmog is only now beginning to be recognized in the US.

Cellular Radiation also addresses the alarming rise in electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) in humans which is rapidly spreading throughout the world.

Reviewed by internationally acclaimed authorities in the healthcare sector, Ora James Murphy abridged the original, condensing its updated contents.

Carefully researched and designed to create awareness and provide hands-on facts and evidence, Cellular Radiation makes for an easy, non-scientific read, geared for the broad public to be introduced to the new and very real commodity called esmog.

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