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"Alkalise or Die"

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Dr. Theodore Baroody

This powerful title carries an important message that can benefit everyone - a message destined to revolutionise health care of the future with one simple principle - ALKALIZE YOURSELF!

The world is facing the largest health crisis in recorded history. Dr. Baroody's comprehensive research and clinical findings indicate that illness and disease are directly linked to over acidity in the system. The polluted air we breathe, the chemicals that are in the food and water we ingest are just part of the problem. Stress on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual cause the body to over produce acid wastes, upsetting our delicate alkaline/acide balance.

By following the guidelines in this book you can evaluate your alkaline/acide situation, determine a course of corrction, and achieve a high level of vitality and strength.


  • Clear definitions of alkaline and acid.
  • What causes tissue acid wastes.
  • Why hyrochloric acid is good for you and other acids are not.
  • The alkaline needs of glands and organs.
  • The truth about contagious disease.
  • How to prevent acid-related maladies that accelerate aging.

Learn How To:

  • Choose foods that create alkalinity.
  • Prepare alkaline-forming meals using the 21 Day Meal Planner.
  • Take nutritional supplements for proper alkaline/acid balance.
  • Use the new "super foods" for building alkalinity.
  • Neutralise any type of stress.

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