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Vita Biosa - Herbs in a Lactic Acid Culture.

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Vita Biosa - 1Lt is a uniquely formulated mixture of aromatic herbs and other plants, which are fermented by a combination of lactic acid cultures. During fermentation lactic acid is formed, which produces a low pH value of about 3.5. The low pH prevents the development of harmful bacteria in the finished product.

At one point in the process, the aromatic herbs, which cause the lactic acid bacteria to duplicate that much faster, are removed from the liquid, and the fermentation process continues. The low pH creates the proper environment for the coexistence of both anaerobe (not requiring oxygen) and aerobe (requiring oxygen) bacteria, and prevents the development of harmful bacteria in the finished product.

These beneficial microorganisms have been known for centuries from brewing, baking, and so on. The bacteria are selected based on the criterion of their providing the micro flora of the intestines with the best possible conditions. Vita Biosa contains a high number of antioxidants.

Vita Biosa is a living product, formed through natural processes. Vita Biosa is still 'alive' when bottled and will, like wine, alter its flavour with increasing time and after the bottle has been opened. Vita Biosa can produce carbon dioxide, making an increased pressure in the bottle and a sparkling effect.

Vita Biosa is an organic product - sugar free, lactose free and contains no alcohol.

Storage and keeping qualities
Before opening it is recommended that Vita Biosa is stored in a dark place at a constant temperature. Bottle pressure can increase at temperatures above 18C. Vita Biosa can be stored for a period of at least 12 months after production (see best before date on bottle). After opening Vita Biosa needs to be stored in a dark and cool place below 8C otherwise white-yellow flakes may appear on the surface. They are not harmful and are easily removed. The storage period after opening is about 1 month. By rebottling Vita Biosa into smaller bottles the keeping period is lengthened. Sediment can form at the bottom of the bottle which can be gently shaken up before use.

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