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Bach Rescue Remedy Spray. 20ml.

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The Bach Original Flower Remedies
The Bach Original Flower Remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach over 75 years ago. Dr. Bach believed in the healing power of nature and made it his life's work to create a system of plant and flower based remedies, each with the ability to treat a specific negative emotion, thereby relieving the symptoms of stress and restoring inner calm and control.

Rescue Remedy is a unique combination of the Bach Original Flower Remedies - Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum - to help you deal with daily stresses or emergency situations.

When to use Rescue Remedy
Rescue Remedy can be used to manage everyday stress or for on-the-spot emergency relief. Many people use Rescue Remedy for its ability to restore emotional calm in stressful situations such as:

  • Before exams.
  • Starting a new job.
  • Work pressures.
  • Flying or going on holidays.
  • Emotional upset.

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