Product Description

Organic Magnesium Pain relief Gel Roll-On 60ml.

Retail Price: $27.95

About Our Magnesium
This is the only 100% Australian owned and sourced topical Magnesium company.

This is the only company using a BFA organically certified product, from an isolated source.

The product is sourced (extracted) from 4m below salt lakes in both Western Australia and Adelaide, the sodium (salt element) is removed, leaving pure 100% concentrated Magnesium Chloride.

If you choose to have a fragrance in your Pain Relief Magnesium Gel roll-on, we suggest adding some doTERRA essential oils such as Ice Blue, or Balance. Or choose from a scent from our full range of essential oils. First remove the roll-on top, add up to 20 drops of the doTERRA essential oil. Replace roll-on top, and shake well.

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