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Pine Nut Oil, Extra Virgin - Siberian Tiger Natural (Cold Pressed). 250ml. (GST Exempt)

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Siberian Tiger Natural Extra virgin pine nut oil is a delicious, golden-colored oil cold-pressed from the small pine nuts, kernels, which are produced by certain species of pine trees around the world. It is an exquisite gourmet cooking oil. The native people of Siberia – a remote region of Russia famous for its pristine forests, crystal-clear rivers and lakes, and the remarkably vibrant health of its inhabitants. Historically, in Siberia, where distances are great and food is scarce, especially during the long, cold Siberian winter, a handful of pine nuts or a tablespoon of pine nut oil taken with - or even instead of - a meal have provided a long-lasting feeling of “fullness”.

This allowed the Siberians to have a full complement of nutrients required to go about their daily routines, which usually involved hunting, fishing, and trapping, without feeling hungry. The powerful health-promoting and nutritional benefits have earned the Siberian pine (the tree from which pine nuts were harvested) the name of “the Tsar of all trees” in Russia.

It is a great idea to make pine nut oil a regular part of your diet by using it in your everyday meal preparation.

Another great thing about extra virgin pine nut oil is that, in addition to taking it straight by the teaspoon, you can use it in a variety of delicious and healthy recipes ranging from salad dressings and pastas to pesto and homemade nut butters. Extra virgin pine nut oil is a gourmet culinary oil that can be used in your kitchen in a variety of creative ways. For example, you could use in baking and light sauteing, or as an absolutely delightful dipping oil. If desired, it can be mixed into olive oil or used instead of it on your salad or in any of your favorite dishes that call for vegetable oil. And, most importantly, pine nut oil makes every meal you cook more satisfying and nutritious.

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