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CD - Earth Resonance

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TC music builds on sound structures, which reflect natural rhythms of the great cosmic motion sequences. Many of the body’s own pulse mechanisms correspond with these superordinate planetary movements. So the cell membranes of our nervous system pulse in unity with the movements of the earth around the sun. The spinning movement (own rotation) of the earth has a fundamental influence over the body’s well being.

The CD “EARTHLY RESONANCES” is devoted to these primary rhythms of the planets and can be played very quietly in the room. This harmonises the energy in the room and the sound structures tune it to the natural pulses. Investigations also reveal direct influences of music on the growth of plants.

Individuals who work with energy, use TC music as a support mechanism when providing treatments in spiritual areas such as energy-based massage. Experience shows that harmonisation of the natural pulses in the body is supported and the flow of energy in the meridians is positively influenced by TC music.

Earth Resonances CD
3 compositions
Playing time approx 44 mins
Coordinated to the process of movements of the Earth. Particularly suitable to harmonise rooms and stabilising the body rhythms.

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