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Relief (Zingabain Enzyme Powder). 200gm.

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RELIEF is a dry powder of a special proprietary blend of rhizomes of the Zingiberaceae family (gingers), recognised for millenia as powerful aids to digestion.

The processing of these ginger rhizomes has been designed to maintain the integrity of their numerous essential oils and powerful antioxidants, and their unique proteins and starches.

The dry rhizomes have been supplemented with the oils of culinary ginger that are widely used for their special properties, and encapsulated in rice flour.

Food Intolerance and Allergy
Foods such as wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, lupin that cause serious health problems for a significant number of people contain proteins with structural elements that prevent our digestive systems from metabolising the proteins efficiently.

These structural elements contain amino acid sequences that are capable of oversensitising a person’s immune system if the person has the gene that recognises these amino acid sequences.

In Australia over 30% of the population has these genes. However, the symptoms of food intolerance and allergy will only be recognised after the person has had their immune system sensitised by:

  • Repeated overindulgence of the food
  • Infection by a virus (or vaccination with a live virus) or bacterium that has proteins with similar structural elements as the food proteins,
  • High levels of stress such as intensive training.

Once sensitised, the immune system will respond to the food and the person may suffer a broad range of conditions including auto-immune diseases, all of which should be considered as serious and actions should be promptly taken to address the problem including consulting a general practitioner and specialist allergist.

How May Relief Assist?
RELIEF’s components are designed by nature to digest the protein structural elements that cause food intolerance and allergy. Routinely taking RELIEF or including its related product BAKE AID in food preparation has the potential to reduce the risk of the adverse reaction. Elimination of these food proteins from your diet is the best solution to food intolerance and allergy. However, this in reality is difficult to do.

How do I use Relief?
Experience has shown that it is best to consume RELIEF morning and night with an amount related to the body weight.

Twice a day mix about ˝ level teaspoon (1g) for each 60Kg body weight in about 40 mL water or orange or Aloe vera juice, gargle your throat, and swallow.

Gluten Intolerance
The ‘gluten’ proteins in wheat and other cereal grains are rich in the amino acid sequences that cause food intolerance. The symptoms of intolerance to gluten include a fuzzy head, abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrohea or constipation, and reflux.

If action is not taken to eliminate gluten from the diet, there may be a real risk of serious health conditions.

The Biohawk technology has the ability to break down the structural elements in gluten that cause intolerance to wheat and other cereal grains, reducing the risk of an intolerant reaction.

Milk Intolerance
Intolerance to casein proteins (as distinct from lactose) is also relatively common and causes stomach bloating and, for some people, symptoms similar to gluten intolerance. Taking RELIEF may reduce the risk of an intolerant reaction as it breaks down casein.

Peanut Allergy
Because of the risk of anaphylaxis, people with peanut allergy should continue to strictly eliminate peanuts from their diet and to avoid any potential risk of contact with peanuts. Other foods such as, for example, lupin contain proteins from the same families as some of the peanut allergens. It is important for people with peanut allergy to monitor closely any adverse reaction to other foods and to also eliminate those foods from their diet.

Other Food Allergens
As protein allergens in other foods contain structural elements that are selectively targeted by RELIEF, routinely taking RELIEF may reduce the risk of adverse reactions to these foods.

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