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"Salvestrols - Nature's Defence Against Cancer"

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We highly recommend reading this book by Dr Brian Schaefer, to get a better understanding of the link between diet, cancer and Salvestrols.

Salvestrols are a new class of natural compounds that have a pharmacological definition rather than a chemical definition. They are defined by the action of the metabolites produced when they are metabolised by the CYP1B1 enzyme in cancer cells. Simply put, salvestrols are food-based compounds that are metabolised by CYP1B1 to produce metabolites that are anticancer agents. These anticancer agents suppress tumour growth by killing the cancer cells. Salvestrols provide an explanation of the link between diet and cancer and between fruit and vegetable consumption and lower cancer incidence.

The most important breakthrough in nutrition since the discovery of vitamins.
- Professor Danny Burke

There has to be a significant change in the way that we approach food, in the way we grow food and the way that we see our diet.
- Anthony Daniels

I never believed that cancer was a curable disease. Now, in the light of what we have discovered, I believe that cancer is curable.
- Professor Gerry Potter

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