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The Gerson Therapy - Set of 3 DVD's

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This set of 3 DVD's includes:

Overview and Patient Testimonials, Gerson Therapy at Home and Food Preparation.

DVD 1 - Overview and Patient Testimonials
Hear inspiring testimony of the Gerson Therapy from survivors of cancer and other life threatening diseases.

Learn how diet, environmental toxins, chemicals, and drugs reduce immune function. The Gerson Therapy restores depleted vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients through consumption of fresh, organically grown fruits, vegetables, and juices. The toxic residues are eliminated through safe, effective detoxification. The body's natural defenses are stimulated and restored. Damaged, depleted body systems are regenerated, allowing for remarkable recoveries from terminal, degenerative illness and numerous lesser conditions.

DVD 2 - The Gerson Therapy at Home
Learn the details of how the Gerson Therapy is used by thousands of patients to heal and prevent chronic degenerative illness. From her decades of experience with the Gerson Therapy, Charlotte Gerson gives numerous specific details on the practice of the Gerson Therapy at home.

The Gerson Therapy has a sixty year track record of success in healing cancers, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and numerous lesser conditions. Over 200 articles in medical literature documents its effectiveness. Since 1977, the non-profit Gerson Institute has trained physicians, scientists, and the public on the healing and prevention of degenerative disease. The institute works with physicians, hospitals, and treatment centers throughout the world to make this safe, practical and effective treatment available to everyone.

DVD 3 - The Gerson Therapy Food Preparation
See the actual live preparation of the delicious, not-fat, organic, vegetarian meals and juices that form the major component of the powerful yet safe and holistic Gerson Therapy approach to healing and preventing disease.

Learn to prepare special soup, salad, vegetable dishes, a variety of potato dishes, apple sauce, the Gerson vegetable juices, coffee concentrate and much more.

The Gerson Therapy has a six year track record of success.

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