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"Left for Dead" (Heart / Blood Pressure)

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By Author Richard Quinn.

Left for dead by his doctors after a 1978 heart attack and failed bypass surgery, Dick Quinn discovered a herb that saved his life.

LEFT FOR DEAD tells his remarkable story and shows how he controls blood pressure and cholesterol, cleans arteries, prevents heart attack and enjoys a wonderful quality of life without drugs or special diets.

HEART ATTACK- "An overwhelming presence took charge of my spirit, my life force, my soul. I was floating in the air, watching my body down below. . .That was the day I died for the first time".

OPEN HEART SURGERY- "Truly a remarkable performance by remarkably skilled people working together like a precision drill team, in an extraordinarily equipped operating theatre a cost of many dollars and much pain. Too bad it doesn't work".

CHOLESTEROL- "I have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, prevented heart attack, felt terrific and enjoyed a wonderful quality of life for years because of a common kitchen spice."

"My blood pressure has lowered considerably. Thanks" Earl, Brooklyn Iowa, 7-10-91 ". . . fantastic results. . . Hang in there." Sam M., North Edwards, CA "I can't tell you the improvement I have experienced. . . I am pain free and able to get around. It was not the case in 1983." Dr. Jack G., Chicago, 6-5-91.

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