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"Cleansing Body & Colon For A Healthier, Happier You"

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By Teresa Scumacher & Toni Schumacher Lund.

Who needs to cleanse the organs and the colon?
Everyone who eats today's food produces waste, some of which may remain on the colon wall. Mucas, which is secreted by all intestinal cells, can collect on the colon wall and accumulate, holding fecal matter. All this interferes with the proper functioning of the colon.

Can this happen to you?
Yes! Today's diet relies on processed, frozen, canned and convenience foods, that have been prepared from modified food materials low in fibre and many nutrients - causing the bowel contents to move slowly, stagnate and collect on the colon wall where it becomes entrapped in mucas.

We eat today's foods and yet expect our digestive system to cope with it year after year. We load up on dairy foods that have been pasteurised, homogenised, and stripped of their original digestive aids and enzymes. In this condition, milk and dairy products become mucas producers, coating the colon and obstructing the natural elimination process.

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