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Cellfood with Dissolved Oxygen. 30ml.

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Cellfood - the breakthrough oxygen and nutrient formula that represents a Quantum leap in vital nutrients containing 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen-and utilises a unique water splitting technology.

Cellfood is made from all natural plant substances, and is yeast free and gluten free. Cellfood is created by a proprietary nine month process in which these all natural nutrient rich plant substances are held in a negatively charged suspension of deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen). The result is a remarkable formulation which by utilising the same technology used decades ago to split the atom actually 'dissociates' (splits) water molecules within the body by weakening the bonding electrons, and gives birth to cascades of vital, life giving oxygen.

Since our bodies are over two thirds water, this oxygen and hydrogen source is virtually unlimited. When you mix Cellfood with water or juice and ingest it, its proprietary water splitting action begins the moment you take the first sip. This cascading time release of oxygen typically peaks within 8-12 hours, and then keeps working hour after hour. In partnership with the body's own natural intelligence.

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