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Herb Robert. 250gm. (GST Exempt)

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Herb Robert (Geranium Robertianum) of the Geraniaceae family. Is sometimes known as Cranesbill and is an ancient herb used to promote healing.

Medicinal uses: Herb Robert is a supreme, therapeutic. Although very little information is available on the constituents, this herb's action is one of the most outstanding herbs that we can use regularly, as an enhancer to the immune system. Research has revealed Herb Robert is a source of the antioxidant geranium, a valuable element to the body as it has the ability to make oxygen available to the cells. More oxygen at a cell level, means the body has the opportunity to fight disease by its own powers, and healing can take place quickly. Lack of oxygen available to the cells can be caused by free radicals and a toxic state around the cells, meaning the cells cannot get the required oxygen or the nutrients to regenerate. The area becomes anaerobic the beginning of pain, disease, wayward cells and cancer.

Dr. Otto Warburg, twice Noble Prize winner said in 1966, "The prime cause of cancer is lack of oxygen to the cells."

He discovered that riotous wayward cancerous cells could not exist in the presence of abundant oxygen, but only in as anaerobic state. As oxygen plays such an important role in the cell health and immune function, using Herb Robert regularly can be something very practical we can do for overall well-being.

Dr Kasuhiko Asai who has spent many years researching geranium and is the author of the book "Miracle Cure Organic Geranium" says " When there is oxygen deficiency in the immune system, the blood becomes acid and sickness results".

Geranium not only works as an oxygen carrier and catalyst, but also stimulates electrical impulses at a cellular level, which has a beneficial ripple effect throughout the whole body. Geranium's remarkable effects on the immune system has been documented in medical journals as an energy giver, immune builder, and as a powerful therapeutic and preventative as a vigorous adaptogen, acting to alleviate minor and major health imbalances, including cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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