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Why a Bellicon Rebounder?

Regular use of the unrivaled Bellicon not only activates your metabolism in a unique way; it also works the flow of the lymphatic system, exercises muscles, strengthens the cardiovascular system, is relaxing, improves concentration and activates your body’s self healing qualities.

The Bellicon’s highly flexible, special suspension makes it so much more than just a "mini trampoline", and it is far superior to any other devices which have steel suspensions providing only slight cushioning when bouncing.

The Bellicon, with its patented bungee rope ring suspension, allows you to bounce deeply into the mat. The deceleration phase – the real exercise stage on a trampoline – is therefore clearly longer and you are actually catapulted back upwards again. This is why the Bellicon is not only so effective but also so much fun.

Exercising on the Bellicon is very gentle as ligaments and joints are exercised without the risk of being overstressed or jarred, and metabolism and circulation are gently activated. This training is highly effective as all the cells and muscles in your body join in, meaning the whole cell structure is relaxed during the upwards movement, and effectively exerted whilst slowing down and braking.

Regular training on the Bellicon increases your fitness level, and also your sense of wellbeing. The Bellicon has a positive effect on lymphatic flow, fat burning, disc health and posture.

How the Bellicon Works?

The effectiveness of the Bellicon is largely due to the extended up and down motion which standard rebounders do not provide.

This lengthened motion means that on the way up, the body becomes weightless allowing the muscles and whole cell structure to relax.

On the way down acceleration is decreased and as you reach the mat, the increased downward force makes all the muscles tense which encourages core strength.

These constant gravitational changes produce enormous metabolic activity and dramatically enhances the function of the lymphatic system. This form of exercise also makes demands on other cell structures: cartilage and inter-vertebral discs are gently massaged and supplied with nutrients due to the increase and decrease of tension. At the same time, gentle demands are also made on organs like the pancreas, kidneys and the liver, supporting and improving their function.

Quality & Precision

The Bellicon design is a quality, high tech product: To achieve the best bounce movement, not only the suspension and the mat have to be top quality, the frame must also be stable and stand securely. Their Germany production ensures this with absolute precision.

Benefits of Using a Bellicon

Helps Keep Your Weight Under Control
Using a Bellicon regulates your metabolism, burns fat and balances your system. And all this without breaking into a sweat. This type of exercise also activates your intestines and thereby shortens the digestion time.

Excellent for Your Back
Many people suffer with postural deformities, lack of exercise, weak or tensed back, neck and stomach muscles and overstrained inter-vertebral discs. Bouncing on the Bellicon is a very good way to correct these factors and to build a healthy and strong back without pain.

Assists with a Healthy Heart
High blood pressure can trigger serious health issues and stress. When bouncing on a Bellicon, this permanent tension is involuntarily interrupted. It is a highly effective cardiovascular workout as all muscles have to participate which encourages the cardiovascular system to build up its power reserves.

Boosts Your Immune System
The intestines are our largest immune defence system. By moderately exercising on a Bellicon, the production of antibodies is also activated. This strengthens the immune system making us less susceptible to illnesses and allergies. Due to the continuous muscle contractions, the lymphatic fluid is accelerated 2.5 times . This means that detoxing happens more quickly which makes us feel fresher and more rested.

Great for your Discs & Joints
Our inter-vertebral discs consist of 90% fluid. It is necessary to always keep them flexible. Only through pressing and pulling can fluid be absorbed. Exercising on the Bellicon trampoline is an excellent way to supply your inter-vertebral discs and the cartilage in your knees and hips with the necessary nutrients. Your back and your legs will thank you for bouncing on the Bellicon!

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