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Foot Brush.

Retail Price: $12.50

Ethically handmade from naturally anti-bacterial coconut fibre, the hard bristles of the ECOMAX Foot Brush will provide a firm scrub to remove dead skin cells and sooth even the most calloused of heels. Can also be used as a gardening brush to clean your hands.

ECO MAX Body Range

Ditch the plastic and go green with this range of eco-friendly body brushes.

Designed and manufactured using fair trade principles in Sri Lanka, all these brushes are biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and handmade from 100% natural unbleached organic materials.

Sisal - an unbleached vegetable fibre from the Argave Sisalana cactus.
Jute - a very soft, rain fed natural vegetable fibre from the stem of the jute plant.
Coconut fibre - a waste product from the husk of coconuts.
Rubberwood - from rubber production when the tree has reached the end of its productive life.
Alistonia timber - off-cuts from the building industry in Sri Lanka.
Cotton cording - for hanging your brush.

The sisal softens naturally in warm water to give you a vigorous scrub without being too hard and the brushes are also ideal for dry body brushing. Dry Body Brushing is an excellent way to exfoliate, gently removing dead skins cells and toxins that accumulate on the surface of the skin, allowing cell renewal and the release of accumulated toxins by unblocking pores. By stimulating the lymphatic system, dry body brushing will help to improve circulation.

Plus they are biodegradable so at the end of their life they can be added to the compose bin to break down naturally.

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