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Dean's B12 Oral Sub-Lingual Liquid. 50ml.

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The original Dean's B12
10 drops (500mcL) contains 750 mcg cyanocobalamin.

Dean’s sub-lingual B12 is derived from fruit and vegetable sources. This B12 has no added artificial flavours, sweetener or colours.

B12 has long been recognized as one of the leading B Vitamins. Low B12 levels can become a problem for vegan vegetarians but now they can be assured of maintaining optimum levels simply by taking Dean's B12 liquid. Children have no problem taking this formulation.

B12 is regarded the choice of vitamin for treating pernicious anaemia. As far back as 1965, Medical Journals were quite concerned about B12 deficiencies. Here is an extract from the Lancet, October 9th 1965.

“It is now generally recognized that Vitamin B12 deficiency may be present with a wide variety of psychiatric (that is mental illness) manifestations and without anaemia or gross neurological (nerve damage) signs; and these may precede the physical disturbances by months or years”.

B12 is also essential in the formation of red blood cells. Stress seems to be a part of each and every one of our lives. We need to support our body and look after it. By simply taking this delicious formula every day you will be helping support your body.

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