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TESLA GOLD XLarge Plug-in Premium Ultra - Best protection from 5G - (Covers 180 metre diameter)

Retail Price: $1,199.00


Tesla Gold Series Ultra model comes in a silver alloy case that is wall mounted. The Ultra model protects an area up to 90 meters in every direction. The Tesla Gold Series Ultra model can be used to protect you wherever there is high powered microwave radiation. This may be emitted from cell phone tower antenna masts (within 250m) or nearby smart meter grids. This is ideal for commercial office spaces, factories, and hospitals. For schools, the Cube is recommended.

Tesla Gold Series Ultra is at least 2 times stronger than the Cube. It is recommended for ultra-high EMF environments use where high powered microwave radiation pervades the local vicinity, such as mobile phone antenna towers, close to a smart meter grid, for factories, some hospitals, and work places that are exposed to WiFi and high EMF exposure etc.

WARNING: The Ultra model maybe to too strong for EHS people, please try the cube first before pursuing the Ultra model. Talk to your representative before purchasing.

This new multiwave scalar waveform configuration offers the best protection to date from radio frequency radiation and 5G. Some people will experience a minor detox while initially using this product, and some will not. This maybe due to the release of stress on the body from EMF and also the immune system may normalise.

We recommend you purchase an Tesla Gold Ultra model when one is exposed to Extreme High EMF, microwave environments, such as some homes, some schools, or work place, as this will maintain a level of protection.


  • Designed for Homes, Offices, and Large areas
  • Designed for living and working areas where a high level of microwave radiation exists
  • Covers 90m in every direction
  • Wall mounted Alloy case with a low profile
  • Size 140mm x 40mm x 100mm
  • Weight 360g
  • Uses multiple scalar waveform output
  • Great for homes and offices where EMF is extreme
  • Protection from a wide range of equipment
  • May have some detox effect
  • The strongest scalar field effect
  • May reduce fatigue
  • May reduce EMF symptoms
  • May assist with emotional stability
  • May assist to maintain a level of alertness
  • May assist restful sleep
  • May increase energy levels

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