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Coconut Oil. Niulife Extra Virgin 100% Organic. 400ml. (GST Exempt)

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Coconut Oil is the most versatile of all vegetable oils. Precisely because it is a 'saturated oil', it is extremely stable with an almost indefinite shelf life. It has no cholesterol. Its chemical structure means that it is rapidly metabolised by the body and is an excellent source of energy. It is uniquely rich in Lauric fatty acid (> 48%) — the human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which is claimed to be very beneficial for ones overall health.

Traditional healers in India (Ayurvedic) and the South Pacific have used Coconut Oil for centuries to massage, sooth and cool the body. Coconut oil is great for massaging babies.

Virgin coconut oil is easy to digest and provides a good source of instant energy for sports people, the elderly and children, including infants.

Gourmet Quality Flavour Niulife's own Direct Micro Expelling (DME™) process takes less than an hour to turn selected mature coconuts into delicious hand-pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This Australian technology is the quickest process in the world and along with the strict quality controls locks in all the flavour and goodness. For quality assurance Kokonut Pacific, the inventors of the Direct Micro Expelling process, also set the DME Standard for your protection and the empowering and advancement of the islanders they work with. Furthermore, the DME process extracts coconut oil without the use of any chemicals and as such it is Hexane-free.

Certified Organic Confidence This whole operation, from traditional tall palms to final packaging, is inspected and Certified Organic by Australia’s leading certifier, NASAA. Without a Certification Number a product is not Certified Organic, so check all labels carefully. As well as being free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers etc, one of the major protections for you is that to qualify for organic certification the entire production path must remain traceable. This means that the product can be traced from the store right back to the farm where it was produced.

Fair Dinkum Fair Trade Niulife are passionate about using DME™ partnerships for Fair Trade. Their operation provides rural people with meaningful employment, a regular income and better living standards. Your purchase of this premium oil brings direct benefits to the island neighbours in the Pacific by creating a better livelihood and helping to protect the environment. This coconut oil is sourced primarily from their projects in the Solomon Islands. Now more than ever they need our ongoing support as they attempt to rebuild their economy.

If you find this interesting you may enjoy reading 'The Coconut Oil Miracle' by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D which is available from our book section.

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