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Charcoal - a thousand and one applications

The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & its Applications.

History, science, and practical applications of medicinal charcoal in hospitals and homes, for people and for pets. When and how to give activated charcoal internally, and when and how to apply it externally for a broad range of health conditions.

From the dawn of civilization, man has had a intimate relationship with charcoal. As an indispensable tool of technology and as a medicinal, charcoal is used in numerous ways to make our lives more healthy. It purifies the water drink, the air we breathe, and detoxifies the soil we grow our food in. As a medicinal, charcoal is used in virtually every hospital in the world on a daily basis, as it plays increasingly significant role in maintaining, restoring and enhancing man's level of health. From drug and food poisoning, to kidney dialysis machines, to wound dressings, to anemia for cancer, and much more, modern hospitals depend on the many uses of this most simple or remedies. These same benefits are also available to you. In world being poisoned by its own near-sited wisdom, God has provided man with a microscopic black hole big enough to swallow much of what ails us.

I heartily recommend The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and Its Applications. As a physician, as a mother and grandmother, as a public health educator for the past 46 years, I have come to fully trust the efficacy and safety of charcoal as a simple yet powerful home remedy. This book serves not only as a reference book of medicinal charcoal facts, but also brings together a hundred and fifty different charcoal experiences of individuals from around the world. People need this book. EVERY FAMILY, every healthcare worker, every traveler abroad, every health conscious individual needs a copy in their home library.

Agatha M. Thrash, MD - Co-founder Uchee Pines Institute. Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia

"MOST PROGRESSIVE HEALTH BOOK" 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards - Honorable Mention

Judges' Comments:
"Great combination of storytelling and medical information."
"In a world gone pharma-crazy, we need more books about natural health remedies like this."
"This book presents a world wonder that's almost too simple to be believed."

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