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Trinfinity8™ represents the science of Algorithmic Revitalisation & Beauty Technology™. Dr. Kathy Forti was inspired to create this unique software system following experiences she had several years ago. This inspiration, knowledge, energy and intent has been infused into all aspects of Trinfinity8.

Trinfinity8 is the first system of its kind to use a personal computer to deliver non-invasive revitalisation programmes which include:

  • Restoring Vital Life Force
  • Uplifting
  • Body Sculpting
  • Skin and Hair Revitalisation
  • Face and Beauty

How Trinfinity8 Works

Trinfinity8’s special Algorithmic Revitalisation & Beauty Technology allows for streams of coded data signals to be transmitted through your computer’s USB port. A digital translator then sends information to the body via specially designed hand-held double-terminated quartz crystal transmitter/receiver rods. These crystals have been carefully lab grown for clarity and perfection. They can be used as a point probe on any part of the body for specific areas of need.

The Trinfinity8 Bio-Energetic System is designed to revitalise a wide range of levels and functions, from the physical to the psychological (mental/emotional) to the spiritual, all through your system to its higher potential.

Feel spiritually, physically and emotionally uplifted with a feeling of well-being and happy heart. Join many others who are enjoying the benefits of Trinfinity8.

For more information visit our Trinfinity8 Crystal Light Energy Website.
Trinfinity8 Rejuvenation System


Now Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android Phones

The Trinfinity8 phone app is designed to assist the user in attaining states of self-balance both physically and emotionally using natural algorithms.

Trinfinity8 ™ Energy On-The-Go is a quantum-based technology that streams mathematical algorithms to the user via their phone’s earbuds and faceplate. (Ear buds must be worn to experience the full benefit of the algorithms delivered sub-audibly with the music.)

Trinfinity8™ Energy On-The-Go uses uniquely designed geometric fractal images to amplify the algorithms. Quantum physicists are discovering that enlightenment is the charge you attract when your thought patterns get fractal. The Science of Fractal allows phase conjugation and a unified field for waves of people. Holy men call this ONENESS.

Features 4 Basic Programs:

Balance Energy: Helps cleanse and balance the body’s electrical meridians for optimum energy availability and use.

I Feel Good: Helps increase endorphins and open one’s heart to love, forgiveness, happiness, joy, positive change and good fortune.

Libido Boost – Male: Helps increase male desire, arousal, stamina, energy, and loving regulation with one’s partner.

Libido Boost – Female: Helps increase female desire, arousal, stamina, energy, and loving regulation with one’s partner.

NOTE: Trinfinity8: Energy On-The-Go does not contain any subliminal messages or binaural beats. This application contains pure information algorithms.