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Nut Milk Bags

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For pennies a day you can have the freshest and most delicious nut milk you can imagine. This nut milk bag can be used over and over again. Nut milks, juice and sprouts can all be prepared in this bag, which is a must to have in a healthy kitchen. It's so much easier and faster than using a strainer. The drawstring means you can just hang and let it do its own thing! Fabulous! We absolutely love ours and use it often.

31 cm x 36 cm 12 inches x 14 inches

Nut Milk
Nut Milk is simple and easy to make. Just blend the ingredients for your nut milk (some as simple as water, nuts of your choice and sweetener), then strain through the nut milk bag. It's easy and will save you masses compared to expensive pasteurized nut milks from the grocery store. Fresh nut milk is living and full of enzymes, and is sure to satisfy. Nut milk can be used to replace dairy, soy or store bought nut milk. Nut milk is fabulous on cereal, as a drink or in recipes. The variations are unlimited!

Some juicers leave behind so much juice that the pulp is soggy. These bags give you a simple way to recapture all that lost juice. Just place the pulp in the bag and squeeze. You'll be amazed at how much comes out! Another tip for staying healthy รป when you're traveling and not able to juice it's often easier to get access to a blender. Just blend your fresh produce with a little water, then strain through the bag. Fresh juice wherever you are! Some high water content fruit like watermelon wouldn't even need to be blended. Just finely chop and squeeze!

We all know sprouts need air circulation. What better way to give then what they need then to hang them in this amazing bag. Just fill the sprout bag with the desired amount of sprouts (sprout chart included), soak overnight, and then hang to drain. Simply dunk the sprout bag in water a few times a day, and then hang in a dark place. Within days you'll have masses of high enzyme delicious nutrition sprouts.

A sneak peak at the recipes included:

Carol Hazelnut Milk
1 cup hazelnuts
2 cups water
2-4 dates (optional sweetener)
2 teaspoons carob

Spiced Indian Chai
1 cup nuts
2 cups water
2-4 dates (optional sweetener)
2 tablespoons fresh ginger
5 cloves
2 tablespoons cinnamon

Blend all ingredients until smooth, and then strain in your nut milk bag. Drink immediately or refrigerate up to 2 days.

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