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Vegetable Spiraliser. Julienne Slicer.

Retail Price: $48.95

This handy little tool lets you quickly create very fine spiral strands, ribbons or thin slices from vegetables like cucumber, zucchini, beetroot and carrot. You can make beautiful garnish, create a base for delicious vegetable pasta, make gorgeous Asian salads or shred vegetables for pizza topping.

Who would have thought you could replace wheat pasta with crisp vegetables and have them come out delicious soft noodles! Top with your favourite sauce for a fabulous meal that takes only minutes to make, and washing up is done in seconds with just a quick rinse of the stainless steel blades (it's also completely dishwasher safe!)

This slicer is truly a versatile tool that creates curly ribbons for garnishes, paper thin slices (just perfect for raw ravioli!) and of course the beautiful zucchini or vegetable noodles for which it is famous!

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