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Enviro Clean Liquid Laundry. Front Load. 2 Litre.

Retail Price: $23.35

Very effective cleaning yet gentle on clothes and kind to delicate sensitive skin. Excellent for whites and coloureds alike. No colour or fragrance added. Suitable for all water temperatures.

* No colour
* No fragrance
* Suitable for people with sensitive skin
* Suitable for front and top loading machines
* Concentrated
* Economical to use
* No phosphate
* Grey water safe to use in garden

* No phosphates
* Non caustics
* No chlorine
* No animal testing
* Readily Biodegradable surfactants AST4351
* Septic & Sewerage safe


Dab directly onto stains before putting into machine. Suitable for use in front and top load machines. Can be used in all water temperatures and in hard water.

1 litre size
1 cap = 50mls
cap to 5 litres water for hand washing.
cap- 1 cup depending on soiling and load size.

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