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Charcoal Activated Patches. C Patch. 10 Pack.

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C-Patch™ Charcoal Pads use activated charcoal to stimulate circulation of blood to body parts for effective pain relief. These charcoal patches help draw poisons from stings, bites, chemical irritants, burns, and poison ivy as they cool the burning sensation.

  • Easy and Fast to Apply
  • Non-Stick Activated Charcoal Formulation
  • Ready-to-Use Patches Can Be Cut to Any Size
  • Provides Relief Using Natural Ingredients
  • Non-Messy and Residue Free and Latex Free
  • Easy to Apply Wherever Needed
  • Works for up to 8 Hours
  • 3 Patch Sizes

Qty in Packet: 10 patches
Size: 14cm x 19cm

Activated Charcoal
Purified Water
D-sorbitol (edible glucose)
Eucalyptus Oil
NP (poly acri acid natrium)
Flax seed powder

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