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Gumbi Gold 200ml - Bio Fermented Gumbi - Probiotic

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Bio-Fermented Gumbi with Probiotic for Digestive Health

Increases Energy Levels and Wellbeing

Traditionally Indigenous Australian used Gumbi (Gumby) for thousands of years for protection and treatment against a range of Health problems. It is believed that Gumbi does this through boosting the immune system.

This enhances our Natural responses to heal and ward off many ailments. The Gumbi tree is a small tree Native to Australia and is genetically linked to the Olive Tree. This plant once grew naturally across large areas of Australia, but with introduction of non-native animals and farming it has become scarce and hard to locate.

During this time it received the name different names. Many universities have studied and reported on the properties of this plant. It is only now that more people are learning the health value of this plant.

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