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Fresh Green Hulls/Black Walnut Tinc. Extra Strength. 100ml.

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Active Ingredients per 5ml dose: Juglans nigra Fruit Hull Fresh 5g.

Dr Hulda Clark believes that most diseases may result from the invasion of parasites in the colon.

From this belief Dr Clark researched and produced a range of advice and recommendations which have resulted in a huge following in the United States and many other countries including Australia.

Hulda Clark's Green Hull/Black Walnut Tincture
Hulda Clark's Green Hull/Black Walnut tincture is a Parasiticide and is part of the Hulda Clark Parasite Program. It must be used together with Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub) and Cloves (from the clove tree) following the program suggested by Dr Clark. Please contact Inner Glow for the full dosage schedule.

Dr Clark believes that these three herbs can rid us of over 100 types of parasites.

The secret to Hulda Clark's Green Hull/Black Walnut tincture is the enzyme just under the surface of the black walnut skin which must be acquired while the black walnut is still green.

This only occurs during two weeks in Autumn and they must be picked and processed during this time to capture the enzyme which is the vital component to this miraculous Parasiticide.

It is vital that these walnuts are harvested while the skin is still green. If not, the tincture may be useless.

What is a Parasite?
A parasite is a live creature that invades and lives off its host, most often causing harm. They multiply inside you as they eat your food, steal your nutrients and in some cases live off your flesh whilst shedding and excreting. Parasites vary in form from tiny microscopic organisms to worms growing several feet in length, to lice and ticks. They can be transmitted by air, food, water, insects, animals and people.

Examples of Parasites

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