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BIOPTRON HYPERPOLARIZED LIGHT ACTS AT THE QUANTUM LEVEL OF CELLULAR STRUCTURES TO PRODUCE SIGNIFICANT THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS The newly patented C60 Nanophotonic Filter transforms vertically linearly polarized light into BIOPTRON Hyperpolarized Light, which acts at a quantum level to help our immune system stay in balance, for a healthier and longer life. Treatment with BIOPTRON Light Therapy is effective, painless, safe and easy to use. This effective and economical light therapy system solution is suitable for everybody, at any time, and anywhere. All over the world, in reputable hospitals and institutions, wellness and sports centers, health professionals use BIOPTRON Light Therapy and report the following significant improvements while treating patients who suffer from various medical conditions: 覧Faster healing of (chronic) wounds 覧Dilatation of blood vessels and improved local blood circulation 覧Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients and reduced edema in affected areas 覧Improvement and decreased pain in recovery from sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome 覧Significant pain reduction in arthritis and neuropathies 覧Gibbs free energy regulation THE MAIN THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS OF BIOPTRON LIGHT ARE: 1. Stimulation of tissue self-repair processes and prevention of tissue degradation (even for deeper systems, such as nerves, tendons, cartilage, bones, and internal organs). 覧Improved regulation of cellular proliferation 覧Enhanced cellular energy 覧Release of growth factors 覧Excellent neovascularization and promotion of angiogenesis 覧Accelerated wound healing (by increased RNA and protein synthesis, particularly production of collagen and elastin) 覧Significant improvement in quality of scar tissue 2. Stimulation of the body痴 natural defenses (activation of nonspecific cellular and humoral immunity) 覧Eradication of pathogenic microorganisms (e.g., different bacteria in acne conditions and viruses in various skin infections, such as herpes simplex and zoster viruses) 覧Activation of neutrophils, monocytes/macrophages, mast cells and lymphocytes 覧Stimulation of natural killer (NK) cells

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