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Glass Drinking Straw.

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Energise and revitalise your drinking water in just 3 minutes!

Drinking Straw

The TC drinking straw utilises both the same design principle as the other pieces of TC glassware (which can be noted in the multiple sections of the straw) as well as the principle of the vortex, to improve the biological value of drinkable liquids.

The vortex is one of the most natural and powerful forms in nature. Even today, the power and potential of the vortex is only beginning to be understood. A vortex creates an increase in energy level without any additional energy input, to an almost infinite intensity. The TC drinking straw has been developed and designed in accordance with modern findings of quantum physics alongside centuries of human perceptions of the natural flow of life’s energy.

The freshness and effortlessness with which liquids such as water or juice arrive in the mouth through the TC drinking straw is a wonderful experience. Use the TC drinking straw for all liquids. It can also be chosen for use with hot drinks such as tea or coffee. The TC straw can accompany you every time and everywhere: in a bar, café, in the office. The TC drinking straw also eliminates the unpleasant flavour that comes from drinking beverages out of plastic bottles. Simply insert the TC drinking straw, drink – and enjoy.

The borosilicate glass is highly robust and very durable as well as heat-proof, so you can use it with whatever beverage you desire. When cleaning rinse through with warm or hot water.

Length = about 240mm, Max. diameter = about 20mm Weight = 15-20g

Borosilicate glass, heat-proof, lead-free and cadmium-free.

Manufactured using traditional glass-blowing techniques.

The dimensions may differ slightly due to the glass-blowing production. There may be differences in weight within the given range.


Traditional craftsmanship is necessary for the production of TC products. Each carafe is mouth-blown using an individual, pre-formed mould. This individual production process makes every carafe a unique work of art.

The form of TC products provides a subtle resonance chamber, comparable to the resonance chamber of a violin. The form itself does not generate music, but it acts like an “antenna” and, due to its specific dimensions, also functions as a vitalising instrument. Different carafes resonate to different notes. Thomas Chochola, the creator of TC Energy Design products, has released two CDs of his music, which forms the basis for his glassware designs.

The glass used to make TC glassware is approximately 40% silica sand, which is known to be a highly energetic medium. The glass is also completely free of lead or any other heavy metals. The Flower-Of-Life symbols are emblazoned onto the bottom of the glass base at 600ºC.

About Water...

Quality Matters
The best water for human health is fresh spring water. But the water you drink and use comes to you through an involved process, such as pressurisation, filtering, sedentary storage - a process which has an effect on the quality of water as it comes out of the tap or bottle.

Water’s journey through pipes, filters, tanks and other processes we use to ensure the essential safety of the water supply, also takes out the natural vitality of the water as it is found in nature.

TC Energy Design glassware revitalises processed water and brings it “back to life” – back to the energetic form it is in when it originally comes from nature. See before and after image of water below.

Water revitalisation is different from water purity. Water supplies that are contaminated with any natural and human-made chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, etc. must be treated with a variety of physical and chemical methods to remove the impurities. This is water purification.

Water revitalisation is the act of shifting the energetic memory of water (whether it is purified or not) back to it’s state as found in nature. Revitalised water has been shown to have different effects on living systems than water that is not revitalised.

The human body is 65 - 75% water, and all of your biological systems require water to function properly. Consuming food and water of higher vibration supports you in many ways, both consciously and unconsciously. High quality drinking water - vitalised water - is very important because it supports the purification processes of the body, which is essential for health and well being.

If you are seeking a high quality water, TC glassware is excellent for revitalisation. TC glassware does not purify the water for it does not remove or add anything to the water. Clear, clean water is the best way to start with your water revitalisation process, and TC glassware makes revitalisation easy and beautiful.

Caring for your Glassware

To prevent natural algae formation, do not expose the filled TC carafe to direct sunlight for a long period of time. In addition, glass structures can concentrate the sun’s rays and act like a burning glass which may result in ignition of exposed surfaces in your room.

To clean the carafe of residues, fill it with warm water and add one tablespoon of citric acid (Use citric acid only on the inside.). Do not use aggressive detergents and only clean your carafe by hand. If residues remain, put uncooked rice and warm water in the carafe and wash it by swinging it in circles.

TC products are not connected with any kind of statements about healing nor do they confirm the exertion of influence on the course of an illness. The use of TC products are free of promises for increased well-being and requires the self-responsible action of the person applying the products.

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