Organic Styling Aids

Formulated with quinoa protein, Aubrey's USDA, NOP certified organic styling products strengthen and protect the hair and keep your style looking great all day.

More About Quinoa Protein
There's nothing better for your hair than protein. And quinoa (pronounced "keenwah") is one of the most complete plant proteins around. Mountain-grown in the purest of environments, this ancient grain's edible seeds have been an important food source for more than 6,000 years. A powerful hair nutrient and fixative, quinoa protein:

  • Lightly coats the hair shaft to add body, control flyaways and give the hair a perfect, natural hold.
  • Strengthens and protects with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, particularly sulfur-rich cystine and cysteine, very beneficial to the hair and scalp.
  • Helps smooth brittle, damaged hair fibre, reduce frizzing and protect from heat damage due to blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons. Here's how: Breakage and damaged ends happen when layers in the hair's cuticle come apart, causing the hair to frizz and split. Quinoa protein penetrates the cuticle and acts as a 'glue', reattaching the separated layers and smoothing the hair shaft for greater softness, manageability and shine.

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